One of the fundamental beliefs of Jugnu Bhangra is to promote and encourage cultural diversities by means of dance and music. As Bhangra continues to move into mainstream culture, we hope to take you there with it through our Bhangra workshops.

The workshops are aimed to teach participants the basic dance movements used in Bhangra. By the end of the class, the participants will be able to perform a high energy Bhangra routine. During each workshop, each participant will:

- Learn the background to the dance steps and the history of Bhangra
- Learn about the costumes and other elements of Bhangra
- Learn individual steps with the dhol
- Put the steps into a dance routine

Jugnu Bhangra also offers workshops for dhol drumming for those interested in learning how to play various beats and that accompany the dance routine. Whatever your needs, Jugnu Bhangra will work alongside you to provide an exciting and informative workshop.